The 5 Freelance Writing Tools & Tech I Can’t Live Without

Whether you’re working from home or abroad.

“There’s no way I can make a living as a freelance writer. But I’m unemployed so why the hell not give it a shot?” — Me

Yup, that’s how I felt two years ago. 

Now, let me start by saying, becoming a full-time freelance writer is far from easy. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and there are days I want to quit. Still, it’s got its upsides like freedom and flexibility.

And to do that job, you gotta have the tech to support you if you wanna take silly pictures in countries where you can hardly speak the language…

Victoria Fraser in Mexico posing ridiculously
Image by Author

Yes, that is a photo of me posing in front of a funny sign I saw in Mexico. But you probably don’t care about that, you clicked on this to find out what’s in my laptop bag as a freelance writer.

And let me tell you, I carry far too many things…

But I need to improve my strength anyway so it’s fine. Now, if you’re wondering what tech you need as a freelance writer, well, the truth is not much. A laptop and wifi will suffice, but after a while, it’s nice to upgrade.

So, here’s a list of the freelance writing tools I use every day as a copywriter, whether I’m writing at home in Canada or typing away in a quaint cafe abroad.

ASUS Laptop — $1100

When I first started, I was writing on the $300 laptop I bought when I started university. And I still have it! But it’s slow, heavy, and almost 10 years old now… Eventually, after I was making some money I splurged and bought my ASUS Vivobook Pro with some savings.

This is a newer model below, but I’m sure it does the same thing.

Screenshot from Amazon

ASUS ZenScreen Portable Monitor — $165

After the laptop, my next big purchase was a second monitor — and I will never go back. The second screen makes it far easier to get work done. And the best part? I can take it with me when I’m travelling and set up my office as if I never left home.

Screenshot from Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S6 Tablet — $399

One downside of my laptop is that it is far too bulky to use on a plane or a bus. So, if I’m travelling or wanna work in a cafe, I like to bring my Samsung tablet to do editing or answer emails. Plus, it makes taking calls easier too. If a client needs to share their screen and my laptop is dead, I can see far better on my tablet than on my phone. 

Screenshot from Amazon

External Hard Drive — $65

Another item I found myself needing was a backup hard drive. I’ve written far too many things now, and a small USB stick sure won’t cut it. So, I store my portfolio pieces and other important items on this Western Elements hard drive which has 1TB of space. 

Screenshot from Amazon

Moleskine Notebooks — $12

And of course, as a writer, I need a good notebook. Ever since I got into the Moleskine cahiers, I hate using anything else. The paper is high-quality, the size is just right, and they have blank ones which I prefer. Not to mention I can pick out my favourite colour — red! 

Screeenshot from Amazon

Now, I’m lucky enough to be able to afford all of this. And the tablet was actually a gift, so I didn’t pay for it. If you’re on a tighter budget, obviously you don’t need all these things but they will make your life easier.

That’s all from me! Now, I’m off on my next adventure.

What are your essential writing tools? 

P.S. Also, here’s a little travel tip, don’t ever put any of these things in your checked luggage! Always bring the in a carryon or you’ll lose the as I almost did recently.

About the Author

Victoria Fraser is a freelance copywriter from Vancouver, Canada who works with clients doing all things copywriting & content marketing. She primarily writes in the marketing, tech & gaming space. 

Reach out on her website to work with her or say hello on Twitter!

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Freelance writer, podcast producer, and comic artist.

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