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Since 2020, I’ve published over 100+ articles on Medium on all sorts of topics. There I’ve been published in large publications like SlackJaw, Better Marketing, Post-Grad Survival Guide, and The Startup.

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Creative Work

Dolly Parton

2013 – Poem

This poem about how I had a crush on someone while we watched Donnie Darko and I talked about Dolly Parton was published in Pulp Mag.


2015 – Poem

This piece about the Mona Lisa and when you find your very first grey hair was published in Capilano University’s magazine The Liar.

Pest Control

2019 – Poem

This poem about fantastical creatures in my apartment what published in SFU’s literary magazine The Lyre.

Proof I am Actually Medusa

2020 – Poem

In this poem published by Angst Zine, I compare myself to Medusa and the various ways in which people talk about curly hair.

Knick Knack and Trinkets

2014 – Poem

This list poem about things I have lost and things I have found was published in a separate issue of Kwantlen’s Pulp Mag a year later.


2018 – Comic

This watercolour comic about the Solar Eclipse in Oregon was published in The Garden Statuary, the undergraduate Journal of English at UBC.

Spring Cleaning / Windstorm

2016 – Poems

These poems were published together in UBC Slam’s yearly poetry chapbook in 2016.

My Last Day as a Mascot

2020 – Poem

After entering the Daily Drunk Mag’s Twitter contest, I won with a short humour prose poem about losing a job.

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