What Do I Write?

Plenty of stuff! After getting a university degree and bouncing around on various career paths, I’ve realized there is one thing I always come back to—Writing. While reliability is nice, working for myself is a goal I’ve had for a long time. Finally, I decided to dive head first into being a freelance writer.

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Web Content

My experience in copywriting involves writing for social media, websites, podcasts, as well as landing pages for Kickstarters. I’ve also ghostwritten blog articles on all kinds of topics and niches.

Printed Content

I edited and designed newsletters , posters, flyers, and business cards. As long as we still have trees, we’ll still print things on them. Although, I personally could live without the papercuts.



I spent my degree focusing on Cultural Psychology and Children’s Development. I was also a Research Assistant for 6 research labs while a student at UBC.


Growing up, I have all kinds of critters from cats and rabbits to birds and fish. I also have my lovely writing assistant named Lexicon, an 8-year-old cornsnake.


I’ve authored articles on everything from how to survive in the wilderness to what kind of gear you should bring with you. After all, every adventurer needs a good backpack or jacket.

Food & Beverage

After working at different bars specializing in craft beer and cocktails, I have a strong knowledge of the food and beverage industry.


I’ve been playing Carcasonne since before I can remember. My family is full of proud nerds and I regularly teach games to bring people to the dark side- I mean, the light side.


What’s a KPI and what does SEO mean? Those are the kinds of articles I’ve written for newsletters, marketing agencies, and publications online.

Writing Samples on Medium:

I write portfolio pieces and sample articles on Medium to explore all sorts of topics. There I’ve been published in large publications like SlackJaw, Post-Grad Survival Guide, and The Startup. Averaging 5000+ views a month, it’s be a great community to partake in.


Dolly Parton

2013 – Poem

This poem about how I had a crush on someone while we watched Donnie Darko and I talked about Dolly Parton was published in Pulp Mag.


2015 – Poem

This piece about the Mona Lisa and when you find your very first grey hair was published in Capilano University’s magazine The Liar.

Pest Control

2019 – Poem

This poem about fantastical creatures in my apartment what published in SFU’s literary magazine The Lyre.

Proof I am Actually Medusa

2020 – Poem

In this poem published by Angst Zine, I compare myself to Medusa and the various ways in which people talk about curly hair.

Knick Knack and Trinkets

2014 – Poem

This list poem about things I have lost and things I have found was published in a separate issue of Kwantlen’s Pulp Mag a year later.


2018 – Comic

This watercolour comic about the Solar Eclipse in Oregon was published in The Garden Statuary, the undergraduate Journal of English at UBC.

Spring Cleaning / Windstorm

2016 – Poems

These poems were published together in UBC Slam’s yearly poetry chapbook in 2016.

My Last Day as a Mascot

2020 – Poem

After entering the Daily Drunk Mag’s Twitter contest, I won with a short humour prose poem about losing a job.

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