The 5 Freelance Writing Tools & Tech I Can’t Live Without

Whether you’re working from home or abroad. “There’s no way I can make a living as a freelance writer. But I’m unemployed so why the hell not give it a shot?” — Me Yup, that’s how I felt two years ago.  Now, let me start by saying, becoming a full-time freelance writer is far from easy. It’s oneContinue reading “The 5 Freelance Writing Tools & Tech I Can’t Live Without”

Stop Expecting to be Paid $200+ for a Blog as a Beginner

From a writer who does charge that much. Today on things that bother me: Too many experienced writers are telling newbies about their rates and encouraging novice writers to charge $200, $500, or even $1000 dollars for a blog or a sales page. And it’s just causing more problems. They’re boasting about their amazing livesContinue reading “Stop Expecting to be Paid $200+ for a Blog as a Beginner”

3 Myths About Freelance Writing I’m Sick of Seeing

From an actual writer not trying to scam you I don’t know what it is… but I’m seeing a lot of ahem *trash* on the internet lately — especially in regards to freelance writing. And it’s not just some harmless little opinions about the oxford comma (I’m in favour). People are spreading a lot ofContinue reading “3 Myths About Freelance Writing I’m Sick of Seeing”

Why being a Digital Nomad isn’t the “Dream” for Everyone

I’m writing this from a small restaurant in Mexico to say that it’s being a digital nomad is — big surprise — not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, I get to wander the streets of Guadalajara with my laptop in tow, soaking up the sunshine and learning a new language. But what youContinue reading “Why being a Digital Nomad isn’t the “Dream” for Everyone”

What’s My $50,000 Secret as a Full-time Freelance Writer? 

Don’t waste time learning about writing. Let’s be frank, making money online is competitive because most of us struggle to overcome that first barrier — getting a full-time income. Even I spent my first 6 months grinding and sending pitches everywhere trying to get consistent work to pay my bills. It was hard, but I did it. Now,Continue reading “What’s My $50,000 Secret as a Full-time Freelance Writer? “

Am I Still a Writer?

Alright, confession time. I started this whole thing a year ago with the dream of being a freelance writer, and I still choose to describe myself that way. But honestly… it’s starting to feel like maybe I’m going in a different direction. Half of my clients are ones with blogs and social media that IContinue reading “Am I Still a Writer?”

What I’ve Learned in my First Month as a Freelance Writer

Yes, some of these things actually surprised me Photo via Unsplash You probably think this is going to be a story about how I threw everything in my life aside to pursue a dream. I’ll admit, you’re partly correct, but honestly, I’m still new and I don’t know if my dream has come true yet. ItContinue reading “What I’ve Learned in my First Month as a Freelance Writer”