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All About Google Featured Snippets & How To Earn Them

For the last 3 years, I’ve written for brands all over the world. Literally, from Finland to the Philippines, I’ve written copy for everything from emails to social media ads to landing pages. And one skill that’s helped me is SEO — especially when it comes to blogging. In fact, I still get organic traffic…

Why SEO Tools like Yoast Won’t Help You Rank 1st on Google

And how to actually get the top spots. Just add some keywords, transition words, and alt text, then you’ll rank #1 on Google immediately, right? Wrong. And it’s frustrating that so many people think SEO is actually that easy. Now, I know exactly why it’s happening. Free, cheap, and even professional SEO tools are all…

How To Do a Content Review for Any Company Blog (+23 Questions to Ask)

From a gal who’s actually done it. Welcome to the world of company blogs! Many of them are terrible, and that’s excellent news for me (and probably you).  Because we can get paid to improve them.  And the first step to doing that is to conduct a review of the existing blog content. Now, I often…

How To Write the Perfect Boardgame Rulebook (With Examples)

Everything you need & tips for copywriting. Want to create a boardgame rulebook that people will actually enjoy reading? Most of us don’t think about the rulebook being a place where we can be creative. Often, game designers are more focused on the mechanics, design, or gameplay itself. And yet, the rulebook is one of…


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Victoria Fraser Gaming Copywriter Podcaster from Vancouver
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