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How to Write a Podcast Script that Isn’t Insanely Boring

From your fav writer & podcasting babe In high school, I wrote my first script and let me tell you… it was atrocious. It was a one-act play about a teenager whose grandpa thought he was Indiana Jones. The plot was cheesy and all it had going for it was the comedic story about the…

Meme Marketing 101: From You Favourite Meme Queen

How to use Memes in your Marketing From Chipotle to SlimJims, some of the biggest brands are using memes today to connect with their audiences. And it’s easy to see why. Memes are far more powerful and engaging than a simple sales-y post telling your followers to “Buy more burritos.” For brands willing to take…

The 5 Freelance Writing Tools & Tech I Can’t Live Without

Whether you’re working from home or abroad. “There’s no way I can make a living as a freelance writer. But I’m unemployed so why the hell not give it a shot?” — Me Yup, that’s how I felt two years ago.  Now, let me start by saying, becoming a full-time freelance writer is far from easy. It’s one…

Stop Expecting to be Paid $200+ for a Blog as a Beginner

From a writer who does charge that much. Today on things that bother me: Too many experienced writers are telling newbies about their rates and encouraging novice writers to charge $200, $500, or even $1000 dollars for a blog or a sales page. And it’s just causing more problems. They’re boasting about their amazing lives…


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Victoria Fraser Gaming Copywriter Podcaster from Vancouver
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