After taking a podcast class in university, I fell in love with audio as a medium. Now, I’ve helped individuals and businesses launch their podcasts. And of course, I have started my own shows based on my personal hobbies.

Here are a few of my favourite projects to date!

Boardgame B*tch

Host & Producer

Since I’ve was a little girl, I’ve loved to play boardgames with my friends and family. As such, I decided to launch a podcast where I review boardgames and discuss strategies for expert strategists, total beginners and everyone in between.

I Like Your Dress


In 2019, I collaborated with my good friend Allison Shields and we started a fun show as a hobby to learn how to make a podcast. It turned out pretty well! We eventually were picked up by the Cave Goblins network in 2020.

Kale in my Teeth?

Editor & Producer

Rivki Rabinowitz invited me to work on her podcast “Is There Kale In My Teeth?” in 2020 until 2021. As producer and editor and I enjoyed listening to her show and working with her while sharing my knowledge.

Pressing Record Publication

If you’re looking for podcast advice and articles, then you can follow the Pressing Record Publication on Medium where I share tips on marketing, audio editing and more. If you’re looking to start you’re own podcast it’s a great place to get information!

Listen to Some Interviews

For a list of all my work as an editor, writer, and producer check out my Podchaser profile! There are also plenty of episodes where I’ve been a guest on other shows.

Want to work with me?

I love to guest on shows, but also am available for other opportunities. If you’re looking for a producer, audio editor, marketing strategist, or even a mentor I’d love to connect and see how we can work together.

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