Who Am I?

Victoria Fraser Gaming Copywriter Podcaster from Vancouver
Photo by Samee Anderson

Well, first off, my name is Victoria. Nice to meet you! I’m a freelance copywriter, published poet & comic artist, and podcast producer from Vancouver.

How it started

In 2018, I completed my BFA with a focus on Creative Writing and Psychology at the University of British Columbia. You can read an interview here where I talk about my freelance writing career and life as a student.

Freelance Writing

Since 2020, I’ve worked with brands covering tons of topics, such as marketing, technology, outdoors, food & beverage, psychology, and cannabis. In that time, I’ve worked with business owners like Alex Cattoni and other clients around the world from Finland to the Philippines.

Freelance Podcasting

Back in 2019, I co-founded the educational, comedy podcast, I Like Your Dress. More recently, I also launched a show called Boardgame B*tch where I review games and interview folks in the industry. On top of that, I am an audio editor & podcast producer for various shows in the B2B space.

When it comes to my poetic endeavours, I’ve been published in various Canadian literary magazines such as:

  • Pulp Mag
  • Daily Drunk Mag
  • The Garden Statuary
  • Angst Zine
  • UBC Slam’s Chapbooks
  • 4th Floor Anthology
  • The Liar
  • The Lyre

When I’m not working, I’m probably enjoying a tasty sour beer on a patio, pestering my pet corn snake Lexicon, or singing along to my ukulele off-key.

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Victoria Fraser Gaming Copywriter Podcaster from Vancouver
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