5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail I Had No Idea I Could be Using

Tired of using that pesky mouse? Well, I am.

As a former 911 operator, I used keyboard shortcuts all the time while I was on the phones responding to everything from burglaries to butt dials. While I was only there 3 months, it changed my computer habits drastically.

Dragging my mouse and clicking? No thank you!

So, why did I have no idea there were keyboard shortcuts for my Gmail account?

Image via Giphy

For the record, I’ve had an email account with Google since I was 15… which means I could’ve saved literally hours of my life using them! I don’t even want to math it out but 10 years of mouse clicking probably adds up.

But alas, no sense dwelling on the past.

There are a ton of shortcuts, but the ones I’ve been using the most are these 5:

  • C = Compose
  • R = Reply
  • F = Forward
  • E = Archive
  • Ctrl+Enter = Send

To set it up, simply go into your settings and enable keyboard shortcuts.

Screenshot by Author

That’s it! This article by HubSpot has plenty more but I found these the handiest and I use them the most frequently. Now, go forward friends your newfound knowledge of all the amazing keyboard shortcuts.

You’re welcome.

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