How I Accidentally Became a Full-time Copywriter & Why I Wanted to Quit

A year and a half ago I was unemployed for the first time in my life with no idea what I was going to do next. I had a few months’ worth of savings in my bank account and I was tired of being taken for granted in customer service jobs where I was seenContinue reading “How I Accidentally Became a Full-time Copywriter & Why I Wanted to Quit”

5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail I Had No Idea I Could be Using

Tired of using that pesky mouse? Well, I am. As a former 911 operator, I used keyboard shortcuts all the time while I was on the phones responding to everything from burglaries to butt dials. While I was only there 3 months, it changed my computer habits drastically. Dragging my mouse and clicking? No thank you!Continue reading “5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail I Had No Idea I Could be Using”

What’s My $50,000 Secret as a Full-time Freelance Writer? 

Don’t waste time learning about writing. Let’s be frank, making money online is competitive because most of us struggle to overcome that first barrier — getting a full-time income. Even I spent my first 6 months grinding and sending pitches everywhere trying to get consistent work to pay my bills. It was hard, but I did it. Now,Continue reading “What’s My $50,000 Secret as a Full-time Freelance Writer? “

Am I Still a Writer?

Alright, confession time. I started this whole thing a year ago with the dream of being a freelance writer, and I still choose to describe myself that way. But honestly… it’s starting to feel like maybe I’m going in a different direction. Half of my clients are ones with blogs and social media that IContinue reading “Am I Still a Writer?”

The 7 Mistakes Novice Freelancers Make When Trying to Land Clients

First impressions are everything 5 min read When you start as a freelancer, it sucks. There I said it! And I had more success than a lot of other freelancers out there. I regularly get asked by beginners freelancers online why they aren’t getting clients, and when I look at their profile, I see aContinue reading “The 7 Mistakes Novice Freelancers Make When Trying to Land Clients”

The Downsides of Freelancing We Need to Talk About

It’s not always as glamorous as it seems. 4 min read Most days, I enjoy freelancing, and I’m shocked I’ve made it this far. There are many upsides to working for yourself, like flexibility, higher wages, and independence. But of course, nothing is black and white, and there is a lot of room for grey.Continue reading “The Downsides of Freelancing We Need to Talk About”

How Taking Drama Class Helped My Freelance Business

4 min read Alright, confession time… I was a drama dork in high school. I loved acting, doing vocal warm-ups, and running improv games. Recently, I realized I actually use some of those skills in my freelance business. The other day, a friend sent me a new potential client that needed a graphic designer for herContinue reading “How Taking Drama Class Helped My Freelance Business”

I Paid My Bills through Freelance Writing Last Month

This time last year, I was on vacation in Cuba with my little sister for her 21st birthday. It was a needed break and I was working as a customer service representative in an office that sold faucets and door hardware. I thought I was happy, and I was, but I had no idea howContinue reading “I Paid My Bills through Freelance Writing Last Month”

Hiring a Cheap Freelance Writer? Think Again.

How Cheap Writing Hurts Your Company’s Brand 4 min read If you’re looking to hire a freelance writer for your business, there are a few things you should be aware of. While it might be tempting to save some cash and hire the cheapest person you can find, there are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t.Continue reading “Hiring a Cheap Freelance Writer? Think Again.”

Reasons Why I Lost a Potential Client

3 min read If you’re a new freelancer, you’ve probably heard no far more times than you would like to admit. A lot of people take no personally, but there are dozens of reasons someone won’t work with you. For me, “No” has never been something that stopped me. Sure, for a minute, I’ll beContinue reading “Reasons Why I Lost a Potential Client”