How to Write a Killer Proposal on Upwork

Tips to help you land clients like a pro

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Alright, so you’re trying to land more clients online as you start your freelancing career and you keep getting ignored. Here are a couple of tips I’ve learned myself while writing proposals and cover letters that brought me my best clients.

I’ve even added examples and snippets from my own successful proposals for you to take notes from. Alright, here we go!

Make it Brief, please!

Nobody likes reading through a pile of resumes and cover letters. If you write a huge monologue it’s definitely getting tossed aside. If you’re afraid that they will think you are lazy, you can preface it with the fact you’re trying to save them time.

I know you have to read a lot of these, so let’s get right into it.

Be Specific about your Experience.

Don’t just tell them the generic facts about why you’re a good fit. Bring relevant and unique details to connect with the job description. If they are looking for a writer, then it’s obvious you should be able to write. If they are looking for a cocktail blogger, then you will definitely want to let them know you used to bartend (or are at least an avid cocktail connoisseur).

My experience crafting G&T’s at high-end restaurants makes me an especially qualified applicant.

Sound Genuinely Excited about the Job.

You wouldn’t believe how dry and boring people write cover letters. Resumes, too, are sadly dull. I’ve edited many scholarships, letters, and essays for friends and family as a favour, and I see this again and again. You want to get this job hopefully not just to get paid, but also because it interests you. Act like it, and you’ll stand out for sure.

I’ve loved board games my whole life! In fact, D&D is my favourite and I’d love to work on this project with you.

Attach any Relevant Samples.

A good portfolio will do a lot more work then a good cover letter. Obviously, if you’re starting out you might not have an example. In that case, even writing a quick short piece is a good idea if you have the time. Showing your skills gives you a serious advantage.

Here are some links to various poetry performances for you to enjoy.

Sign off with Style

I always like to wish the person reading it a great day and thank them for their time. It’s the details that make you sound less robotic. You can also customize your self-description depending on the type of job it is. For example, sometimes I only say Freelance Writer, other times I’ve written Poet Extraordinaire when a job calls for someone creative.

Thanks for considering me and have a great day!

And there you have it. Some specific tips on how to write successful proposals to land clients on websites like Upwork.

Good luck now get writing!

Victoria Fraser
Professional Weirdo

Published by Victoria A. Fraser

Freelance writer, podcast producer, and comic artist.

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