Meme Marketing 101: From You Favourite Meme Queen

How to use Memes in your Marketing From Chipotle to SlimJims, some of the biggest brands are using memes today to connect with their audiences. And it’s easy to see why. Memes are far more powerful and engaging than a simple sales-y post telling your followers to “Buy more burritos.” For brands willing to takeContinue reading “Meme Marketing 101: From You Favourite Meme Queen”

3 Myths About Freelance Writing I’m Sick of Seeing

From an actual writer not trying to scam you I don’t know what it is… but I’m seeing a lot of ahem *trash* on the internet lately — especially in regards to freelance writing. And it’s not just some harmless little opinions about the oxford comma (I’m in favour). People are spreading a lot ofContinue reading “3 Myths About Freelance Writing I’m Sick of Seeing”

7 Topics to Read About Other than Writing

Listen, I get it because I’ve been there. As a writer, we tend to fall into the trap of reading all about writing and how we can do better. We learn all the basic tips, step up our grammar game, and binge success stories like they’re the latest shows on Netflix (even though we don’tContinue reading “7 Topics to Read About Other than Writing”

Five Lessons Marketers Can Learn from a Viral Egg

Remember in 2019 when that photo of an egg went viral? You know the one, and if you don’t, welcome to the internet. A place where a simple photo of an egg can get 54 million likes, shattering the world record for the most number likes on a single image. Of course, it wasn’t entirely about an egg.Continue reading “Five Lessons Marketers Can Learn from a Viral Egg”

Am I Still a Writer?

Alright, confession time. I started this whole thing a year ago with the dream of being a freelance writer, and I still choose to describe myself that way. But honestly… it’s starting to feel like maybe I’m going in a different direction. Half of my clients are ones with blogs and social media that IContinue reading “Am I Still a Writer?”

The #1 Mistake on a Small Business’ Social Media Page

Image via Pexels Honestly, I’m surprised at how simple it is, and yet I see it over and over again. I’m still a new freelance writer and I’ve only worked for a handful of different companies writing their social media posts for them. Still, I’ve seen this pop up repeatedly when I’m doing research for whateverContinue reading “The #1 Mistake on a Small Business’ Social Media Page”