Why We Should Make 2020 the Year of Resilience

We all hate 2020. It’s been a long and devastating year for all of us. There were so many new stories that followed one after another. Even when it seemed like things couldn’t get worse, they did. We’ve lost jobs, hobbies, and loved ones we can’t get back. For me, Covid was just one awfulContinue reading “Why We Should Make 2020 the Year of Resilience”

What’s My Superpower? Editing!

After a delightful conversation with Phoenix Huber and Randye S Spina, I realized I had a superpower I never knew of! Editing. Often I tell my friends that there is actually no such thing as good writing, only good editing. While I’m sure someone else has also said that, I still stand by it even if I’m not the firstContinue reading “What’s My Superpower? Editing!”

7 Ways to Find Ideas and Conquer Writer’s Block

Whether you write fiction or blog articles, here are 7 ways you can come up with ideas if you’re feeling stuck. I’ve never had trouble with writer’s block because I have a ton of lists all over the place with ideas for when inspiration strikes. For me, ideas come pretty naturally because I’ve always beenContinue reading “7 Ways to Find Ideas and Conquer Writer’s Block”

Why You Should be Writing with an Outline

You may be one of the many writers who hate writing an outline. Honestly? I don’t blame you. I used to hate making an outline too. For years, my writing habits always involved getting an idea and running with it. The second inspiration took hold of me I would type as fast as a couldContinue reading “Why You Should be Writing with an Outline”

The #1 Mistake on a Small Business’ Social Media Page

Image via Pexels Honestly, I’m surprised at how simple it is, and yet I see it over and over again. I’m still a new freelance writer and I’ve only worked for a handful of different companies writing their social media posts for them. Still, I’ve seen this pop up repeatedly when I’m doing research for whateverContinue reading “The #1 Mistake on a Small Business’ Social Media Page”

What I’ve Learned in my First Month as a Freelance Writer

Yes, some of these things actually surprised me Photo via Unsplash You probably think this is going to be a story about how I threw everything in my life aside to pursue a dream. I’ll admit, you’re partly correct, but honestly, I’m still new and I don’t know if my dream has come true yet. ItContinue reading “What I’ve Learned in my First Month as a Freelance Writer”

The Hard Truths to Know Before You Start your First Podcast

Learn from the mistakes I’ve made before making your own. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts. Lately, it’s probably my primary form of entertainment. I can fold laundry while laughing along with the McElroy brothers and bake cookies while learning about sharks with Wendy Zukerman. Naturally, after falling in love with this medium, I decidedContinue reading “The Hard Truths to Know Before You Start your First Podcast”